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Health & Holism in the 21st Century is Théun’s last book. It was written during the time when Théun was establishing Radiant Life Technologies and incorporating principles of healing for the development of coMra-Therapy. It was therefore decided to wait until coMra-Therapy had been established, before publishing Health & Holism. An important aspect of both these endeavours relates to self-sufficiency and providing a framework through which people can learn to empower themselves.

Through learning to empower ourselves and by consequently uplifting ourselves, we also uplift those around us by virtue of the interrelationship of all of life.

As Théun explains; “Holism means that the well-being, the prosperity and the happiness of the individual is dependent upon his or her ability to see that all of life is thoroughly and completely interrelated, interactive and therefore also interdependent.”

ISBN: 978–0–620–59979–5


We live in possibly the most exciting times ever within the history of humanity. We have so much opportunity for all sorts of marvellous adventures, arising from the great many challenges facing us. The world situation today is such that it calls for pioneers, adventurers and go-getters. In fact, if you have ever dreamed about being a hero or a heroine, now is the time to fulfil that dream, for the world is in need of heroes and heroines, and humanity is in desperate need of men and women who are prepared to step out of the circle in showing the way forward….

So then, where do we start in creating for ourselves a new reality and the world we would like to live in? The answer, as with most things in life, is simple. We start right here and right now, with what we have available to us. What do we have available to us? Again the answer is exceedingly simple: we have ourselves. But before we rush off to save the world let us never forget that charity starts at home, and therefore before we can save anyone or anything else we must first be able to save ourselves….

Holism teaches us that it is unreasonable to assume that the individual can flourish when the greater whole is perishing - and moreover that this is also impossible. But this does not mean that as individuals we are powerless. No, not at all. For holism also teaches us that the well-being of the whole is completely dependent upon the well-being of its constituent parts. We therefore see that the individual and the greater whole, of which he or she is a part, are one hundred percent dependent upon one another. The one cannot flourish without the other, and the one cannot perish without the other also perishing….

So let us return to our question; “Where do we start?” A great many people simply stare themselves blind at the face value, and so it is hardly surprising that they feel helpless and powerless. For example, most people would say that it is a lack of money that makes them helpless, because without money there is not much choice in what we can do. But this is not true. Although all of us need money, money in itself is not what makes us powerful or powerless, even though this is the biggest illusion Big Brother is imposing upon us - and not just Big Brother, but also our fellow human beings. Today nearly everyone believes that if you have enough money you are powerful, or at least, can be powerful.

It is true that money helps, but a lack of money in itself is not what disempowers us. If we look closely at the world we live in we see two major areas in which we have become almost completely disempowered; namely, food and health. We can be the richest people in the world, but if there is no food to be bought, we would still starve to death. And of what use is all your money if you are suffering from ill health, or even a terminal illness that allopathic medicine cannot heal? But worse still, even though there is at the current time still food enough to be bought, and there are allopathic doctors on nearly every street corner, why are people generally speaking less and less healthy, and why are their mindsets deteriorating into ever more negativity?

In this book we are going to look at these two major areas; food and health, in detail, and we are going to learn in a practical way what we can do about becoming much more self-sufficient with respect to these two vital aspects of our lives.



Chapter 1. Food & Diet

Chapter 2. Carbohydrate Table

Chapter 3. Sample Dishes

Chapter 4. Taking Care of your Own Health

Chapter 5. Diseases & Their Causes

Chapter 6. Setting Up a Home Apothecary

Chapter 7. A Note on Teas & Tinctures

Chapter 8. Preparation Methods for Herbs

Chapter 9. Tinctures & Teas

Chapter 10. Specialised Treatments

Chapter 11. Poultices

Chapter 12. Ointments & Oils

Chapter 13. Sitz Baths & Washes

Chapter 14. Diseases & Herbal Cures

Chapter 15. Common Herbs & Their Uses

Chapter 16. Botanical Names of Herbs

Chapter 17. Deep Relaxation Exercise

Chapter 18. Perfumes & Aftershaves

Chapter 19. Your Own Home Products