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If life can be characterised as a gentle, natural process of evolution, then the life of Théun Mares revealed that process. In the world today, though, there is no such gentle, natural process. The problems we face are the result of spurning the process of life, and so the earth and all who inhabit the earth, are dangerously out of balance. But we know all this. The question is, how do we, as individuals, regain our balance? How do we again incorporate into our actions the interrelationship of all of life? How do we implement the principles, within our own lives, that will result in a new world coming into being? One thing we can be sure of, and that is what we have tried so far, is clearly not working.

Throughout his life, Théun always sought that balance. What is it that causes a lack of balance in each of us? What specifically, in our own unique way, has caused us to be so out of harmony with ourselves, with our relationships, with the world around us? From his career as a classical dancer, to his career in education, and then writing books and guiding people, Théun strove to find the balance and poise within himself, and was able to impart this uniquely to others. As Théun said, "What is balance, but a finely-honed application of life’s guiding principles of intelligent co-operation?"

"If we can learn what it truly means to co-operate intelligently with all of life, then we can experience harmony, instead of destruction. If we allow life to evolve naturally and gently, then we can also experience regeneration. Such is the way of the warrior – to touch the world lightly – to learn to be fully part of the world, but yet not to despoil her."

Yet, for far too long, our cultures have embodied the corrosive divisiveness that grows out of the extreme separativeness of a purely rationalistic approach to life. So we force our views continually on others and their societies – man vs man, man vs nature. We even force our views onto our own children. The books of Théun Mares show how we can overcome the effects of separativeness within ourselves, and within our lives, and so achieve the balance and harmony we so desire. A balance between spirit and matter, feelings and mind, male and female, our light sides and our dark sides, a balance between all of the seemingly opposing forces that threaten to pull us apart. The end result is that once ALL our aspects have been brought into alignment; have been reconciled, we find that our life is evolving harmoniously and we feel constantly renewed.

Théun always said that he was a nagal in a hurry, as he needed to achieve so much in his lifespan. Consequently, in the many endeavours that Théun initiated, he trained a select group of people, who could be trusted to continue his work in their respective areas of specialisation – the work of bringing the Toltec Legacy, in its different forms, to humanity.


Théun Mares was never concerned with catching the eye. Instead, his every movement originated from, and was addressed to, the heart. The result is that Théun's life carries an influence that is powerful beyond calculation. All that we can say at this point is that the effects will be felt for aeons to come.

Théun Mares died peacefully on the 5th of September 2011.

For any queries, requests or questions please refer to nagal@family-post.com

Today, Théun’s work is being continued by the group of apprentices who had been working together with him under the same roof. Those of us who consist of this group feel that the term “Toltec Unit” is too cold and impersonal for the type of bond that we shared with Théun and that we continue to share with each other, therefore we prefer to call ourselves a “Family”.

Elizabeth Schnugh and Onnik Merdinyan are the directors of the “Institute for the Study of Man”, which holds workshops, courses and retreats. For more information, please check:


Sotirios Galanopoulos is the moderator of Toltec Legacy, an online teaching facility for the serious student of the Toltec teachings:


For the areas of the Russian Federation and Ukraine, the following websites are the only ones authorised to use Théun’s logo and to claim continuity of his work: www.toltec-teachings.rutoltec-legacy.ru

Other than the above-mentioned, there aren’t ANY other “successors” either in the areas of the Russian Federation and Ukraine specifically or in any other part of the world in general.