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A sample of press reviews about the books by Théun Mares

The Toltec Teachings - Volume I (Previously "Return of the Warriors")

"His prose is lucid and deep as he presents the principles of warriorship...The material will feel familiar to anyone who has spent time with Castaneda's work, although I found Théun's approach more straightforward and jargon-free." Napra Review (USA)

"Approachable, practically-orientated...We are encouraged to become warriors in our own lives by strengthening the belief in our abilities, therefore shaping our destiny, our evolution, and finally finding our true path and place in the universe." Watkin's Books (United Kingdom)

"Without a shadow of a doubt, this book's clarity offers a wide path to intellectual freedom, spiritual joy and utter personal power." Conscious Living (Australia)

The Toltec Teachings - Volume II (Previously "Cry of the Eagle")

"Before I read this book, I was leery of yet another set of ancient new age mystery teachings telling me to embrace my shadow, nurture my creativity, or visualise light. I'm happy to say that this book did not fit into my preconceived notions. It presents Toltec teachings on the warrior's path in a well-constructed, precise and vigilant manner...This is a great overview of the work we all have to do in order to liberate consciousness from its own traps. It's not a path for dabblers." Paula Amero, Magical Blend Magazine (USA)

"The sequel to Return of the Warriors, Cry of the Eagle tackles many of the challenges we are faced with today using a Toltec approach - an ancient tradition that is considered the common heritage of all humans. The word "Toltec" means a man or woman of knowledge, and the path of Toltecs is knowledge that inevitably leads to freedom...Cry of the Eagle, while not a light read, will have you engrossed from beginning to end." The Planet Newspaper (Australia)

"Cry of the Eagle continues the Toltec Teachings first imparted by the author in Return of the Warriors and introduces the more advanced instructions of the Warriors Path, such as the mystery of awareness, dancing with death, stopping the internal dialogue, stopping the world, handling the four natural enemies of man and Toltec dreaming. Like its predecessor, this book presents a variety of empowering techniques in a clear and detailed manner accessible to everyone." Watkins Books (United Kingdom)

The Toltec Teachings - Volume III (Previously published under 3 separate titles: This Darned Elusive Happiness, The Quest for Maleness and Unveil the Mysteries of the Female).


"This Darned Elusive Happiness, by accomplished south African writer, Théun Mares, is a journey in pursuit of what we mortals call 'happiness'.... The premise of the book is that our lives are nothing more than a set of relationships between ourselves and the circumstances in our lives. So we have to learn about relationships in order to learn about life itself. If this makes the book sound like just another self-help manual, Mares goes way beyond that". Tribute Woman (South Africa)

"Pearls of wisdom". Algoa Sun (South Africa)

"It is an easy read... uplifting and gives ways of getting our relationships (both personal and business) to work and aims at steering one towards finding happiness". The Sun (South Africa)

"As with all Théun's books it is conceptually driven, yet based on real life." Oneness Magazine (United Kingdom)

"Social conditioning gets in the way of our natural instinct to be happy. Take charge of your life and achieve lasting happiness." Here's Health (United Kingdom)

"The content of this daintily illustrated interesting little book belies its title... Far from being evanescent, happiness, claims the author, is within everybody's reach, but on certain conditions. Written with humour and perspicacity; ranging from the provocative to the truistic, this book is recommended for specialized and general reading." African Book Publishing Record (USA)

"The little book that packs a huge punch: This Darned Elusive Happiness spurred me to think! It prompted me to examine what keeps us from reaching the seemingly elusive end of the rainbow: happiness...a treasure that will grace my heart and home forever." Magical Blend Magazine (USA)

"Social conditioning plays a major part in limiting the level of happiness and fulfilment in a person's life. In this book Théun Mares shows you the difference between men and women, how to use fear as motivation, changing your self -image, learning to listen to others and many other helpful techniques to help master the art of happiness. This is an excellent self-help book if you are trying to understand how to achieve true happiness. For it is not by material objects, but by the inner self." Indy's Child (Midwest Parenting Publications) (USA)

"Théun Mares has a marvellous sense of humour and writes in such an honest and down to earth manner you may feel you're having a conversation with him over coffee. In this book he tries to teach us to relate to the world in a more positive and connected way, listening to other's points of view, but not doubting our own knowledge, using intelligent co-operation and obtaining harmony out of conflict. A major factor in this book is the exploration of the differences between men and women and how we should treat each other and accept ourselves for what we are. Accepting and understanding our partner, boss, parent as he/she is, will make our voyage so much smoother." Living Now! (Australia)

Male Issues

"At last a book addressing the many issues surrounding masculinity that men have feared and not dared to confront." Tribute (South Africa)

"Can you explain what it means to be a male? As times change, the definitions seem to change as well. Theun Mares takes you on a quest to find your true self, "...in search of the impeccable honour, the quiet dignity, the unwavering hope and the tenacious courage that is implied within the essence of the true male." ... The quest begins with understanding that each man is a unique individual and can be what he seeks to be. Being male is about self-awareness and masculinity is about the potential in men. From here he shows you how to realise what your potential is. This is a must for any man who is not afraid to say: "There's so much more to being me." Ladysmith Gazette (South Africa)

"As the book addresses the true nature of masculinity, it shows men how to get back in touch with the essential core of their maleness... The book shows how, by doing this, men will find the wisdom, vision and sense of purpose to be true leaders, and to stand proud in their masculinity." Ebony (South Africa)

"... If you reclaim this power yourself you will see the changes in the world around you. How can one do this? That's what this book is all about. In the simple, practical language and style that is the hallmark of Théun's work he answers the questions of what it is to be a male." Indigo (South Africa)

Female Issues

"Théun Mares shows how, by adopting male patterns, behaviour and logic, women have been tricked into trading a vital part of themselves for male -like qualities that will never bring them lasting happiness or fulfilment. In fighting for their rights, women have ended up competing with men, and with disastrous results. He explains why success for a female is totally different to success for a male, and how women can achieve it without surrendering their unique individuality. This book shows a way forward for females based on the principles of intelligent co-operation and explaining how men and women can work together." Synergy (South Africa)

"At first glance, this looks like just the sort of thing that women don't need - a book called Unveil the Mysteries of the Female, written by a man, and purporting to tell women how to get in touch with their true feelings concerning femininity. But delve a little deeper and discover that Théun Mares may actually have a point. His book's basic premise is that "having proved that they can do almost anything as well as, or better than, men, more and more women are disillusioned with the empty promises of feminism." Like the sound of this? Read on." Longevity (South Africa)

The Toltec Teachings - Volume IV (Previously "The Mists of Dragon Lore")

"This is a remarkable book by anyone's standards...This is indeed a warrior's book, there is no room for the weak armchair student here but the offer of a way that is direct, strong, and one well suited to our times. We in the west have become too soft in our approach, which is not to say that there is no place for "The Gentle Warrior", but gentleness must be matched with strength and that is what this book and this particular teacher is offering. ... It is the first book of the author to land on my desk...I will certainly look for others. For my money it leaves Castaneda standing still." Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki. The Dragon Chronicle (United Kingdom)

"Mares is careful to point out that all Toltecs are not necessarily the same - that, indeed, the name means "men and women of knowledge' - and that sorcery, rather than the defining feature of the Way, is but one small part of a Toltec's knowledge. That said, he characterizes "Dragon Lore" as the product of questioning the status quo and actively taking charge of life and the future - the expression of the "true nature of man." ...This is deep, intense, rewarding material, ultimately leading to the achievement of true freedom and empowerment." Napra Review (USA)

"Théun is a very different, but very valid Toltec teacher, who lives and teaches in South Africa...The introduction of this book is an amazingly clear and jargon-free explanation of Toltec teachings. Théun goes on to explain that Earth is at a crossroad and the intent and approach of each individual will make the difference. We won't have doom and gloom unless we are lazy and weak... This book must be considered by any serious student of Toltec wisdom as a unique introduction to the subject matter." Michael Langevin, Magical Blend Magazine (USA)

"... Théun explains that we, and the world we live in, are but the products of our actions, so if we feel powerless to change the world, or our lives, this is only because we have become the victims of our actions. By learning to coalesce the "mists of dragon lore," we will discover how Toltecs take charge of their actions and thus end up by achieving true freedom and empowerment. Also highly recommended are Théun's previous two volumes." Midwest Book Review (USA)