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Volume I

First in the Toltec Teachings Series, this book introduces the Warrior's Path and the Toltec Path of Freedom. This is an experience-based approach to life, in which individuals are taught to value their own knowledge, gained through their own experience, more highly than information gained from others. Théun Mares introduces the basic concepts of this path, as well as the tools used by warriors in everyday life to build self-belief, self-reliance and self-empowerment - the true foundations for freedom.

ISBN 0-958-4675-1-X

This book was first published in 1995 under the title Return of the Warriors.



Introduction 1

PART ONE : The Beginning of Time

Chapter 1 - Origin of the Toltec Warriors and their Knowledge 15

PART TWO: The Teachings - Fundamental Concepts

Chapter 2 - The Properties of Words 51

Chapter 3 - Taking the Gap to Freedom 77

Chapter 4 - Hunting for Power 101

Chapter 5 - The Warrior's Challenge 131

Chapter 6 The Predilection of the Warrior 159

PART THREE: The Teachings - Practical Techniques

Chapter 7 - Working with Emotion and Intent 177

Chapter 8 - Recapitulation 199

Chapter 9 - Not-Doing and Stalking 217

Chapter 10 - A Final Word 231

Chapter 11 - The Fulfilment of Prophecy 241

Bibliography 253

Index 259


Since the principal raison d'être of this and subsequent books is to put the reader in touch with the true essence of the Toltec teachings these books have, for the sake of clarity, been divided into separate volumes. Furthermore, so as to enable the reader to become systematically familiarised with this ancient teaching this first volume has been written in three parts. Starting from a broad overview each part gradually yields to greater detail and complexity.

The first part of this book covers the origin and historical development of the Toltec tradition. This history should be seen as the necessary backdrop against which to project the various concepts, since many of these will at first glance appear somewhat foreign. The second part deals in depth with the fundamental concepts which form the framework of the teachings. These fundamentals must be grasped fully if the finer aspects of the teachings are to have any value at all.

Inherent within all of the Toltec teachings are a great many axiomatic expressions which are upheld as being the life-essence of the teachings. These axioms, which have traditionally been termed aphorisms, are universal and timeless truths. For ease of reference all the aphorisms used throughout this book have been lifted out of the text.

The third part of this volume contains detailed instructions on the first steps taken by all apprentices of the Toltec tradition. However, a word of caution is appropriate at this point, namely that the Warrior's Path, (the traditional name given to the Toltec teachings), is like no other path known to man. As such it should not be rushed into helter-skelter, but approached with due consideration and respect.

In this day and age when the public is being offered all manner of ways in which to achieve so-called instant enlightenment, it will perhaps come as a disappointment to some to find that I am not claiming to bring the reader a formula for "The Lazy Man's Way To Miracles". I am not hereby implying that Toltecs are incapable of performing miracles, but merely that in order to do so even Toltecs have to serve a long and difficult apprenticeship. A condensed workshop yields a short-lived career and, as is well known, a little knowledge is inevitably dangerous knowledge.

I would be doing the reader an injustice if I were to infer that the Warrior's Path is easy, for this is far from the truth. Of all possible paths the Warrior's Path is quite honestly the most difficult. Few are the people who are prepared for the hardship required to obtain that knowledge which is needed in order to master the highest grades of this noble path. Nevertheless, provided that this path is tackled one step at a time, it is within every adult's capability to master enough of the elementary work to enhance the quality of his or her life beyond imagination.

The Warrior's Path is a bit like having to scale a sheer cliff face - at first glance it seems impossible, but then we see a handgrip, a foothold and we begin to climb, only to find more grips, more footholds. But the golden rule in such a climb is never to look up except to find another grip, and never to look down, to avoid being overcome by fear of failure. It is a long haul to the top of the cliff, but what an accomplishment, what a freedom and what a power, and it all starts with the very simplest of exercises.

Yet this is exactly where every apprentice discovers the first difficulty; namely that it all looks too easy and too simple. It is a Toltec axiom that everything which has power rarely, if ever, attracts attention, for man's rational mind is geared towards academic complexity.

Here lies the difficulty of the Warrior's Path, not in its academic complexity, but paradoxically, in its utter simplicity. Many of the teachings are so subtle as to be quickly and easily overlooked by the overly enthusiastic novice. Perhaps this point will be more firmly grasped if it is pointed out that in having read this far the reader has already taken his first step upon the Warrior's Path.