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Volume VII

(The Book of Numerology)

A softcover version of this book is available under the title Numerology Revealed. For details click here.

Numbers underlie everything in our world. As Plato was famously recorded to have said; "God geometrizes continually." In Numerology Revealed we find out why, as Théun Mares explains the origin of numbers and shows why they permeate the structure of our lives, including our names. In straightforward and simple terms we are shown how to work out our complete numeroscope, beginning with our Destiny Number, our Soul Urge and Personality type. We learn the meaning of our first name, our BirthPath, Middle Name and the significance of our unique signature, as well as other vital numbers, including our Power Number.

In addition to the exoteric meanings of our numbers, Théun provides the keynotes of the esoteric values, illustrating these with reference to the Major Arcana of the Tarot.

Of enormous use when computing different names is the fact that, apart from the English Alphabet, Théun also gives the numerological values of the Spanish, Greek, Bulgarian and Russian alphabets, since these have unique and hidden variations.

Numerology Revealed shows in simple and straightforward language, and using clear examples, how to calculate each of the many numbers that comprise a true numeroscope. However, a software program that performs these computations is also available, as an addition to the book.

Further details about this software are available here.

ISBN 0-958-4675-7-9 (Hardcover)

ISBN 978-0-620-44990-8 (Paperback)



Introduction to the Use of Numbers 1

Chapter 1 - Preliminary Notes on Working with The Numbers 19

Chapter 2 - The Alphabets - English, Spanish, Russian, Cyrillic, Bulgarian Cyrillic & Greek 23

Part One: The Analysis

Chapter 3 - The Layout & Computation The Soul Urge, The Personality Type, The Destiny Number 33

Chapter 4 - The Analysis and the Exoteric Meaning of the Numbers 53

Chapter 5 - The Layouts & Analysis for the First Name, the Birthpath and the Middle Name 67

Chapter 6 - The Layouts & Analysis for the Challenges, the Last Name, the Signature, the Concords and the Pinnacles 75

Chapter 7 - The Planes of Expression 87

Chapter 8 - The Power Number 95

Part Two: The Interpretation

Chapter 9 - The Esoteric Meaning of the Numbers 105

Chapter 10 - An Audience with the Tarot Characters 117

Part Three: The Complete Numeroscope

Chapter 11 - The Formal Layout & Analysis for a Professional Numeroscope 163

Chapter 12 - The Interpretation 185

Chapter 13 - Working with the Dark Jewels of Awareness 201

Conclusion 212

Further Information 215



My approach to the ancient art and science of numerology in this book is from the Toltec perspective. It is important to understand this, because there are several different forms of numerology, and they all differ depending upon what is seen to be the purpose of numerology.

According to the Toltec perspective, numerology is the study of universal vibrations. This includes the different frequencies of these vibrations as expressed both in numbers, as well as the letters of the alphabet. Numerology then concerns how these universal vibrations are expressed within life. From this it follows that numbers were not invented by man and neither were the letters of the alphabet. Instead man gradually discovered numbers through the evolution of awareness, and learned how to use them through trial and error. In other words, true numerology by far predates mathematics.

The reason why Toltecs look upon numerology as being both an art as well as a science lies in the fact that numerology has two distinct aspects to it. It can be approached either as an art or as a science, depending upon which of the aspects are selected, in accordance with the level of complexity that is desired. In order to grasp what is meant by this, it is important to know that in working with numerology there are three principal processes involved, and that these three processes divide into two aspects.

The first process is termed the Layout and Computation, a very simple and straightforward process of setting up the components to be studied. The second process is what is termed the Analysis, which once again is a straightforward and easy to understand mathematical process, following very clearly-defined rules. These two processes together form a whole which, strictly speaking, is complete in itself. Because these two processes together are based upon clearly-defined rules of mathematics, they may rightfully be termed the science of numerology. Toltecs call these two processes taken as a whole, exoteric numerology.

The third process, termed the Interpretation, is not at all straightforward and neither is it easy to explain. Although the interpretation does have rules, these rules cannot be defined as easily as the rules for the first two processes. The reason for this will become clear as we proceed.

The rules for both the analysis, as well as the interpretation, allow the numerologist to derive what is known as the expression of the numbers. For the purposes of numerology it is important to know that the expression of the numbers is relative to the digits forming the origin of the numbers. In a nutshell this means that whereas numbers as used in mathematics are exact, numbers as used in numerology are dynamic, and are therefore NOT absolutes.

In exoteric numerology we work only with the numbers ranging from 1 to 9. The reason for this is because the laws governing numerology state that there are only nine prime vibrations existing within Absolute Potential; that is, the Every-Thing inherent within the No-Thing of the Ineffable Cause of manifestation, known to Toltecs as the Unspeakable. And with the advent of manifestation Absolute Potential becomes both described, as well as defined by the zero, or the circle marking the parameters of the manifested universe.

These laws take us into the realm of cosmology, which goes way beyond the scope of this book. Suffice it to say for the purposes of this book that Absolute Potential is what most religions acknowledge as being that which in esoteric Christianity is known as God Transcendent, but once it become described and defined within manifestation, it becomes God Immanent, which has three aspects; namely, Potential Intelligence, the Pressure of Intent and Active Intelligence. This trinity is geometrically represented as three equilateral triangles imposed one on top of the other, and the points of which describe the parameters, or the circumference, of the circle demarcating manifestation, known as the Circle of Beingness. The triangles are formed in such a way that their points divide the circle into nine equal parts, resulting in the nine prime vibrations, which we know as the numbers ranging from 1 to 9.


Analysis of the Soul Urge

Once we know the meaning of the numbers it is very straightforward to do the analysis. So let us first analyse your Soul Urge. For the sake of clarity it may be helpful to refresh our memory by looking at the whole computation again.

Soul Urge = (6 + 11) = (6 + [1 + 1]) = (6 + 2) = 8

Soul Urge = 8 from (6 + 11)


Remember that your Soul Urge shows what you need to learn in this lifetime. Since you will already have learned at least some of what you are meant to learn by the time you read this book, I am going to write the analysis of your Soul Urge as if you have already mastered all your lessons. But as you read what follows bear in mind that some of the analysis will ring true for you, in that you have already managed to learn this much, whilst other aspects of your Soul Urge may seem strange and unfamiliar. This will be because these are the aspects of your Soul Urge which you still have to learn, before you can incorporate them into your own knowledge as well.

Having an 8 Soul Urge indicates that harmony and balance is very important within your life. What this means is that because you have a natural affinity for both materialistic pursuits as well as spiritual pursuits, you should guard against favouring one above the other. In other words, you should strive for a happy medium between simply making money and working on your self-development, so that you can see money as a means to an end and not as a goal to be achieved at all costs. If you achieve this happy medium you will be very successful at being able to materialise all of your material needs.

In this lifetime you need to learn much about conservatism, which means that you will have to learn not to take unnecessary risks, but rather to work with what you know to be tried and tested. Although this is good in one way, you should also take care that you do not limit yourself, by being too conservative and therefore never striving for anything new.

You will also have to learn to be very efficient in everything you do, while taking care that this does not lead to obsession with perfectionism, and therefore turning yourself into a workaholic. Once again, it is harmony and balance that you need to strive for.

A good way for you to make the money you need and desire is to turn your attention to anything to do with industry, irrespective of what type of industry this is. However, if politics is for you a Path with a Heart, which it often is for people with a Soul Urge of 8, then you will also be very successful in anything to do with politics. This does not necessarily just mean being a politician, but it can also mean anything from being actively involved in politics at any level, to running a support business for political campaigns, to managing projects with political interests, to fund-raising projects for your local municipal endeavours.

Because you are so drawn towards money, another area of expertise for you to consider is anything to do with banking and money, like for example, the stock exchange and trading in commodities.

Working with journalism and the typical self-help type of literature is also for you. In this area you can either take to writing self-help books, or to working as an editor for such books or magazines, for you have a natural aptitude for knowing what interests people and also for editing.

What you should guard against is the negative aspect of being a conservative, for unless you are careful you will find yourself being indecisive and tending to sit on the fence, waiting to see which way the wind blows before committing yourself in any way. If you do this you will become caught up in inertia and you will lack any real insight of your own, always being dependent upon the whims of others, and therefore being like a leaf at the mercy of the wind.

The other thing you need to guard against stems from your great desire to strive for harmony and balance, for unless you take care you will find yourself in the invidious position of trying to please everyone, and in the end pleasing no-one, least of all yourself. In such situations you will often try to rectify matters by trying to play both sides of the fence, and thereby gain a reputation for being untrustworthy.

Another negative aspect of the person with a Soul Urge of 8 is the tendency to be very biased, either for or against. Once again it is harmony and balance you need to strive for, so as to be objective and fair at all times. Also stemming from this bent towards being biased is the tendency to want to preach to other people about what is right and wrong. Taken to its ultimate end, this leads to the proverbial bible-thumper who will even go as far as becoming a fanatical evangelist of sorts.

Your own 8 comes from (6 + 11). What this means is that whilst everything we have said above is still applicable to you, you will also always be faced with having to choose between the old and the new (6), something that will constantly challenge your need for learning conservatism (8).

The 11 in your Soul Urge shows us that you have to consider stepping out of your natural conservatism (8), and be far more daring in every area of your life; mentally, emotionally and physically. Your visionary abilities (11) will help you to do this, as will your natural aptitude for politics, for deep down inside you have no fear of exposure, of being in the limelight, of operating within the public eye and of public speaking (11). So even though at heart you are a conservative (8), you should also strive for achieving harmony and balance (8) between the old and the new (6), by being much more tolerant, unbiased and innovative in your thinking and in your actions (11).